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Room304 Price list/level system

Room304 The price/level system consists of three different skill levels.

Room304 Price list/ level system

Junior stylist

A junior stylist is a relatively young player in the industry. He doesn't have much experience in the industry, but he has shown great talent in both technical skills and customer service. Junior stylists can always get help from our more experienced stylists.

PRO stylist

PRO stylists are highly talented young professionals with a wide range of training and experience and a great passion for their work.

Master Stylist

MASTER-Stylist is a highly talented and experienced professional with a strong vision. The Master Stylist sets the quality standards for our service and leads the team to excellence. The Master stylist has proven his professional excellence during his long career. A Master stylist is constantly training at home and abroad, seeking inspiration and developing her professional skills.

Levels of competence for lash technicians

Junior stylist

A junior level lash technician will know the basic techniques (classic & volumizing). If necessary, the Junior level technician will be assisted in the shop by a Pro level technician. The finish on Junior level lashes is neat, the fibres are correctly positioned, the fan is correctly opened (taking into account the different techniques), the foot of the fan stays together and the glue application is smooth. Time management is more advanced compared to the Trainee level. Product knowledge is basic.
We recommend Junior level eyelash extensions when you want high quality and safe eyelash extensions in a cost-effective way.


A Pro-level lash technician has a long experience in eyelash extensions, and a Pro-level lash technician is well versed not only in basic techniques (classic & volumizing) but also in different styles of lashes. With advanced technique, time management and product knowledge, Pro-level lash technicians are also well versed in the technique of installing challenging lashes.
We recommend Pro-level lash extensions when you value fast work and a high level of professionalism, want the most luscious lashes possible, have challenging lashes, have had problems with lash extensions in the past or want to try different lash styles.