Men’s haircut

We always plan each haircut individually based on the client and their wishes. The hairstyle that’s just right for you.

Men’s hair dye

Men’s hair dyeing, streaking and highlighting treatment for your own hair colour is a success.

Beard services

15min TRIM – Beard & moustache trimming

Clean and trim the beard and moustache. Using scissors and a trimmer, not a knife.

BEARD – Beard & moustache styling 30min

Includes beard and moustache shaping and trimming of the edges with a knife if necessary. Finally, the beard is finished with beard oil.

SHAVE- American shave 45min

The American shave is one of the best ways to relax and every man should try it at least once in his life. Shave in the classic way with a razor and foam. Softening of the skin with towel baths is part of the service. Finally, an after shave to condition and soothe the skin.