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Room304 is a full-service beauty salon and barber and hairdressing salon located in the heart of Savonlinna.
We offer a wide range of hair and beauty services.

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We provide an experiential customer experience

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We are proud to be an inspiring trailblazer from Savonlinna.

About us

We are proud to be an inspiring trailblazer from Savonlinna. Our story begins with two passionate beauty entrepreneurs daring to dream up something sensational together.

Smiles are Always in Fashion
Smiles are Always in Fashion

Quality experiences that take you out of your everyday life

Personalised skin care

Discover Exuviance Professional's advanced, state-of-the-art skincare. When you want to achieve real results with skincare.

Exuviance skincare products are designed for you when you want real results easily and affordably. The products and treatments are suitable for all skin types and have been developed with particular attention to the suitability for sensitive skin.

Revlon Nutri Color Filters

Intense colour, conditioning and shine in a unique formula that opens up a world of multi-colour possibilities. NUTRI COLOR FILTERS - For intense colours!

ZENZ Organic

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Ikilalo Underlash Glue - Rip Glue

Ikilalo Underlash Glue is designed to be used for a few days of adhesion. Durability can be improved by adding Ikilalo Waterproof Sealer on top of the adhesive.

ZENZ Organic

New organic hair care series. ZENZ products offer a wide range of hair care products that nourish and strengthen hair, and are based on natural and certified organic ingredients. Can be used with products from other product groups.
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102 Hypnotic Hybrids

102 Hypnotic Hybrids is a beautiful and lightweight model with a natural curvature. The tying of the lashes, especially in the longer lengths, creates the impression of a mix of classic and volume lashes. When layered with this design, you can easily create a fabulous megavolume look!

Dye treatment

-Excellent shades are our passion- We create colourings that suit your features and personality, just for you.
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Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with top quality and personalised beauty and hairdressing services. We offer a genuinely happy and feel-good service. We listen carefully to your needs, anticipate any requests and take great pleasure in making your day a little better. Our aim is to provide a high quality service, time after time.


Our passion for beauty and our commitment to the brands we represent motivate us to constantly exceed expectations, to be bold, curious and focused on quality. We aim to be at the forefront of the industry and constantly explore new opportunities together with our partners.


We are committed to working together to ensure the success of the salon and all our team members, as well as the goals of our guests. Appreciative cooperation with each other is important every day. Together WE are more.


We take a responsible approach to our financial responsibilities and strive to find sustainable solutions for the future of the beauty industry.