A cookie is a small text file that an internet browser stores on a user’s device, such as a computer or mobile phone.

It is used to store information about your use of the website and to remember the choices you make, for example, the information you enter in a form. Only the website that saved the text file can read the cookie, so no one else can access the information contained in the cookie. The text file is not harmful. It cannot contain a virus or program code.

What types of cookies do we use?

Websites use temporary cookies, known as session cookies, which remain on your device until you close your browser. In addition, persistent cookies are used, which remain on your device for much longer (the time depends on your browser settings) or until you manually delete it.

What information is collected?

Cookies may be used to collect information such as:

  • user IP address
  • time of day
  • used pages
  • browser type
  • the web address from which the user came to the website in question
  • from which server the user has come to the website
  • the domain from which the user has come to the website.

Why are cookies used?

The information is used to support the development of the site, for visitor statistics and to enable the use of contact forms, chat conversations and, for example, to store products in the shopping cart.

Blocking the use of cookies

Most browsers have default settings that allow the use of cookies. You can change these settings so that you are warned when a cookie is sent to your device. You can also set rules to block cookies. You can also clear all cookies stored on your device.

Instructions for clearing stored cookies or changing cookie settings are available in your browser’s help or help function.

For more information on cookies and the safe use of online services, see the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

Cookies on this site

The storage of cookies or other information describing the use of the service on the user’s terminal equipment and the use of this information is permitted for the service provider if the user has given his consent and the service provider provides the user with clear and comprehensive information about the purpose of the storage or use.

Manage your cookie settings:

> Cookie settings

You can change your cookie settings at any time by clicking the button above. This allows you to return to the cookie consent banner and change your settings or withdraw your consent immediately.

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