Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is an ancient form of treatment that has been used for thousands of years as part of oriental medicine, including. in India.
The pleasantly warm stones glide softly over the skin, releasing their gentle warmth deep into the muscles; the whole body relaxes. A hot stone massage is a deeply restorative treatment in which warm stones are placed in the energy centres of the whole body. The stones used in the massage are naturally cut basalt stones. They feel wonderfully soft on the skin

The heat transferred from the stones is very effective against muscle tension: the heat penetrates deep into the tissues and that is why hot stone massage is one of the best methods for example. triggers of muscle tension.

Hot stone massage is an ideal treatment for those seeking relaxation, but it is much more than just a feel-good treatment.

Other effects
  • increased blood and lymphatic circulation
  • boosts metabolism
  • the nervous system becomes more balanced
  • stress is relieved
  • tensions are released
  • general improvement in body function

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is one part of aromatherapy. Its effectiveness is based on rubbing essential oils into the skin. Essential oils blended with base oil are applied to the skin with soothing massage strokes, while removing waste products from the body. When absorbed through the skin into the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the essential oils are diffused throughout the body and balance the entire body. At the same time, the body also absorbs essential oils through the respiratory tract.

Aromatherapy massage helps you relax and promotes healing of the skin and the whole body. It has also been found to be suitable for disease prevention and aftercare.
During the treatment, each person is approached individually, their health is assessed and the appropriate essential oils are selected.

Effects of massage
  • relaxes painful and tense muscles
  • boosts metabolism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • balances hormonal imbalances
  • activates lymph and blood circulation
  • contributes to the elimination of liquids
  • relieves headaches
  • helps remove waste products from the body

Cupping massage therapy

Feel complete relaxation and enjoy the effective treatment of the unique combination of cupping therapy, sliding cupping, and classical massage! This treatment benefits your body and mind, simultaneously easing muscle tensions.

What is cupping therapy? Cupping therapy is a highly effective treatment method that has been part of both Chinese and Western medicine for hundreds of years. In cupping therapy, also known as dry cupping, the therapeutic effect of the cups is based on negative pressure, which is created by pressing the center of a silicone or rubber cup or by compressing small cups. How does it work? The cups lift the skin, subcutaneous tissues, and fascia away from the surface, so the mechanics are opposite to that of massage. The cups are either moved along the skin using massage oil or kept in place. Negative pressure creates space for the tissues under the skin, improving metabolism and increasing mobility. At the same time, muscles are treated, trigger points are addressed, and acupuncture points are stimulated. Sliding cupping during the massage accelerates the treatment outcome and feels very pleasant. Cupping therapy is praised for its effectiveness, with a 15-minute session being equivalent to an hour-long traditional massage. NOTE! Cupping may cause bruises or minor skin discoloration, which usually heal within about a week.

Benefits of dry cupping:
  • Relaxes muscles and mind
  • Improves metabolism
  • Reduces swelling
  • Enhances mobility (softens scar tissue and increases elasticity of connective tissue)
  • Activates the immune system
  • Quickly relieves muscle and fascial tension
  • Stimulates bowel function
Is there any contraindication for the treatment?
  • Weak health condition and inflammatory states
  • Heart diseases
  • Cancer
  • Anemia or use of blood thinners
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Elderly individuals with thin skin
  • Acute muscle injuries (strains, fractures, etc.)
  • Damaged skin surface and varicose veins (only a local obstacle, can cup around the area)

Relaxing massage

A relaxing massage is worth coming for if:

  • suffer from neck and shoulder pain or tension headaches
  • you want to get rid of muscle cramps and muscle aches
  • want help with insomnia
  • you are stressed
  • you do a lot of exercise or physically demanding work
  • you want to relax and take care of your body.

Head massage Special

Stiff shoulders, headaches, a bad night’s sleep, stress, busy everyday life? Try the Room304 Special head massage. Fall in love with this truly relaxing treatment by taking a moment just for yourself!

The massage involves the shoulders, neck and head area. Special head massage can be recommended to almost anyone who needs to de-stress, relax or just pamper themselves. Head massage affects both the body and the mind in many ways. This is also a great gift idea for everyone!

Jet lag

A spray tan is a safe and quick way to get a natural, even tan. There are several shade options: from a light update to a really intense finish. The colours we use have a map colour, which allows you to see an indicative result immediately after tanning. The colour lasts on the skin for about one week. If you have a special day coming up, your tan will be at its best 1-3 days after application.

Home care and preparation

Full body shower (incl. face)

The day before: exfoliate your skin thoroughly. Make sure that the exfoliator you use does not leave an oily residue on the skin. You can also remove the hairs. Tanning is always done on clean skin. It is very important that you also remove deodorant, perfume and make-up before tanning. You can tan in a bikini or underwear, for example. We also have disposable thongs available. You can also tan without your clothes on (the first time we recommend at least the lower part, so you can see the tanning tone better).

After tanning: it is pleasant to wear dark and loose clothes. Avoid tight and chafing outfits and bras. As the tan develops over the next few hours, you will have a map colour and a developing tan on your skin. So don't be alarmed by the dark shade or the movement of the chartreuse. The map colour washes off in the first shower. Allow the tan to develop for at least 2 hours, but if you want a more intense and long-lasting result, you can allow it to develop for up to 12 hours. After a shower tan, wash with plain water and only then with shower soap. Always moisturise after showering and exfoliate weekly to keep your skin looking its best for as long as possible.