The professional Exuviance treatment provides your skin with a proven effective treatment and you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Read below for more information about Exuviance treatment funding

How does the Exuviance AHA peel differ from other peels?

AHA acid first gently exfoliates the surface layer of the skin by removing the bonds between dead skin cells. Only dead skin cells are removed. This helps dry skin, as the flaky layer of skin is removed more effectively. Exfoliation also promotes skin cell renewal and the shedding of old cells. Elastin and collagen are also strengthened. These benefits can only be obtained by using AHA acid. Other chemical or mechanical exfoliants do not produce the same results.

The concentration, pH and efficacy of Exuviance’s AHA acid are optimal. Thanks to a patented system, Exuviance’s AHA acid is highly effective without irritating the skin. Exuviance’s AHA treatment does not require any recovery time for the skin. The skin may become slightly red and shiny after the treatment. It will pass after a while. After the treatment, you can apply Exuviance Conditioner to the skin. Avoid sun exposure for 1-2 days after treatment.

Professional and tailored to your skin’s needs

Exuviance treatments are only available from a trained skin therapist who will tailor the treatment to your skin type and problem. There are different Exuviance treatments available for different skin types and problems. The clinic offers facial, body and hand treatments. The Exuviance treatment can also be done without the exfoliating AHA treatment. Exuviance treatments give excellent results!

For all skin types and ages

All Exuviance formulations use a patented system, making the treatments suitable for everyone. The Exuviance treatment is also suitable for sensitive skin. The skin therapist will start by carrying out a thorough skin analysis. He or she will then plan the right treatment for your skin.

Exuviance treatments combined with Exuviance home care products improve the condition of the skin. They reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, moisturise dry skin and prevent acne. Even problem-free skin benefits from regular treatments. Skin stays beautiful, signs of ageing stay away for longer and skin doesn’t dry out. The natural regeneration process of skin cells takes about 28 days. It is recommended to visit the clinic about once a month, but the need varies from person to person. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a series of treatments, which can be shorter, and other times it can be longer. You can agree this with your dermatotherapist. Changes will be visible after 1-3 months.

What is included in the treatment?

Exuviance treatment starts with a careful skin analysis. Next, the skin is cleaned. The skin is then gently and effectively exfoliated with Exuviance’s patented AHA acid, which stimulates cell regeneration and prepares the skin for the next step. Exuviance treatments do not use abrasive exfoliants because AHA exfoliation is both more effective and gentler. After exfoliation, the skin is ready for deep cleansing (mechanical cleansing). No steam is needed to open the pores.

Most facial treatments include a relaxing and blood circulation stimulating massage. (Acne or rosacea skin is not massaged). In addition, Exuviance massage creams effectively moisturise the skin. Then it’s time to apply a mask according to your skin type. At the end of the treatment, a finishing cream and a conditioning primer are applied, if the client so wishes. After the treatment, your skin is fresh and glowing!

Remember when you come for Exuviance treatment

  • Let us know if you are taking any medicines that affect your skin. Please also tell us about any other factors that may be relevant to your treatment.
  • It’s a good idea to shave your beard, but don’t shave it on the same day so that your skin doesn’t sting.
  • Avoid sunbathing, as the treatment is not made for sun-reddened skin.
  • Exuviance treatment starts in the clinic and ends at home! When complemented with the right home care products, the result is the best possible.

Derma SR -microneulaus

Versatile and effective Derma SR microneedling

Mechanical microneedling with active material sera and acid peeling. An instant, unique skin brightening and rejuvenating treatment.

The Derma SR treatment and its complementary microneedling treatment are designed to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin. It allows you to achieve softer, firmer, brighter, more hydrated, plumper and more youthful skin without surgical intervention. In particular, microneedling creates tiny micro-holes in the skin. This allows the active ingredients of the active serum, such as hyaluronic acid and various peptides, to be delivered to the right layer of the skin. The active ingredients stimulate cell metabolism and promote skin regeneration. They nourish, moisturise and form new collagen and elastin fibres in the skin tissue.

For best results, several treatments are required. Derma SR treatments can be applied to: face, neck, chest and/or back of the hands. It is possible to personalise treatment according to the client’s consultation and the areas to be treated. Our main products include. Derma SR facial treatments:


  • Anti-aging treatments can deeply moisturise and firm the skin. The treatment’s acid peel promotes the absorption of a microneedle firming active ingredient serum into the skin, effectively activating the skin’s own collagen and elastin production while hyaluronic acid replenishes the skin with moisture. A mask and cream applied during the treatment helps to restore the skin’s youthful appearance.


  • Anti-pigment treatment is an excellent choice when there are clear pigmentary changes, hyperpigmentation or pigment spots on the skin. A skin-brightening and pigment-balancing acid peel prepares the skin for a vitamin C-rich skin micronutrient serum. The treatment is completed with a mask and a skin-brightening cream. The best results are achieved with serial treatment.

Facials for men

To keep your skin looking fresh and comfortable, you need to treat it daily, just like your hair and body. Cleansing, exfoliating (removing dead skin cells), moisturising and protecting with effective products keeps skin in good condition and prevents signs of ageing.

Products and treatments are selected according to the skin’s needs

Skin type and skin problems vary from person to person. Some people have oily skin, others dry out easily. Many people suffer from acne and impurities. Some have pigment spots. In addition, skin needs vary according to age and season. In winter, the skin becomes dry. It is therefore important that skincare products and treatments are individually selected to suit your skin and your needs. Many men think that their skin type is normal or tolerant, but many men have sensitive, dry or acne-prone skin.

How do I know my skin type?

When you visit the clinic, a dermatologist will analyse your skin and its condition. On that basis, he or she will recommend the right products for you. It is important to use products that suit your skin type. It's worth having a facial every now and then. The skin is cleansed, replenished and its resistance is improved.

Cleaning, exfoliation, moisturising and protection

To keep your skin looking fresh and comfortable, you need to treat it every day like the rest of your body. Cleansing, exfoliating (removing dead skin cells), moisturising and protecting with effective products keeps skin in good condition and prevents signs of ageing.

Cleansing: by removing excess oil and impurities that have accumulated during the day, the skin is brighter and fresher. Use a soap-free cleanser according to your skin type.

Exfoliation: exfoliation removes dead skin cells, deep cleanses pores and reduces both dryness and the formation of acne and skin blemishes. All Exuviance products gently exfoliate the skin, so no abrasive exfoliator is needed. For a more permanent result, visit a facial every now and then.

Moisturisation: the skin's natural moisture content decreases with exposure to the outdoors, cold air, the sun, after showering or bathing and with age. Therefore, the skin's moisture content must be restored daily by using a cream, emulsion or gel that deeply moisturises the skin.

Protection: the main cause of wrinkles is the sun. A day cream containing a sunscreen protects the skin from harmful rays, pigmentation spots and premature ageing.


  • Do not wash your skin with strong soap, as this can dry and irritate the skin.
  • Use gentle products when shaving, as the skin is often sensitive after shaving.
  • Try using Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel as a partage gel. It forms a rich lather and prevents hair ingrowth.
  • Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor. It protects the skin from the signs of ageing caused by the sun.