We are a full-service beauty salon and hairdressing salon located in the heart of Savonlinna.

We offer a wide range of hair and beauty services: hairdressing, cosmetology, permanent pigmentation and structural nails. Our store is located in the centre of Savonlinna at Olavinkatu 46, 57100 Savonlinna. Our salon is accessible.

Our story

The story of ROOM304 starts with two passionate beauty entrepreneurs daring to dream something sensational together. Outi and Petra have known each other since childhood.

For more than twenty years, both have combined creativity and inspiration with the development of professional skills and the importance of supporting others in their entrepreneurial careers.

Petra is a hairdresser who has worked independently in Savonlinna and Jyväskylä. Petra’s work is characterized by daring, visuality, and a gift for finishing ~ the client always gets the desired and polished look. In her career, Petra has starred abroad with her handicraft skills in Revlon Professional international shows.

Outi has been a beautician since 2003. Her career choice has been inspired by further studies in skin care and entrepreneurship. Whether it’s beauty, skin care or entrepreneurial collaboration, Outi is truly present in her work as herself.

At the crossroads of cooperation

The two friends' careers were initially crossed by customer feedback. Common clients had both found that they were unique in their work. The feedback was supportive and encouraging - yet stepping into something new was exciting, even scary and uncertain.

The moment of change came one working day in April. The discussion on the impact of a common customer hair colour showed that this common train is already on the move. According to the message sent by Out, we are heading towards a joint venture and "you have to get on that train now or miss out on an incredible journey". That moment has stayed with Petra forever; in that moment with the client, in that moment I got the encouragement I needed to step in, you can do it!

Cooperation started and the common train was set in motion. It's all about daring to be different and the will to innovate, to do things differently. Both tracks have been equally important, it is the only way to keep the train moving. "Based on our own experience, from both the customer and entrepreneur's point of view, we wanted to reform the beauty industry."


In 2018, ROOM304 Beauty Salon & Barber Shop was born, based on an idea that unites beauty entrepreneurs and stands out for its meeting and service skills. The hairdressing salon is a natural part of the whole, and the cooperation of experts under one roof is enormously empowering.

Over the years, ROOM304 has expanded its operations and added more wagons to its train. Cooperation in Finland and around the world is based on the skills of self-expression and living in the moment, alongside professional skills. For us, every encounter is important.

The encounters at work are filled with joy, mischief, foolishness, things with lots of laughter, tears, experiences. "It's important that we can stop to be with ourselves while we work and share our everyday life and our friendship, our life, in addition to our work." The atmosphere in ROOM304 is immediate and open, supportive.

We regularly hold joint development and well-being days between our ROOM304 entrepreneurs - blowing off steam, rejoicing and enjoying each other's company. Over the years, Outi has honed her skills at making tear-jerking speeches and Petra has mischievous, even naughty jokes to ensure a good time. Dancing and a sense of humour is what unites us, whether we're at work or off.

Appreciative cooperation with each other is important every day ~ as the ROOM304 slogan "smiles are always on fashion" says. A smiling everyday life is communicated to our clients, each of whom is important to us to hear "how are you" while we work on beauty. We listen not only to the wishes and needs, but also to the voice of the person, at the edge of their life. As experts, we dare to say if we think, for example, that your skin needs a more detailed health assessment or that you should try something completely new for your hair.

The feedback from this courage has been meaningful and further reinforces our ideas that it was very important to jump on this common train. Customer trust is the engine that keeps our train moving forward.

Outi and Petra

More than friendship, I suppose, is sisterhood. That's what our relationship has become. This is how our lives have been shaped by a shared passion.

We dare to be ourselves, to say if we have something to say. When we are abroad, we are happy to tell our story. How we dared, how we were inspired, how we succeeded. At international beauty events, we find that we tell as much about Savonlinna, which is important to us, as we do about our unique way of doing business in the beauty industry. We stand out from the rest of the world with our personalities and our skills of self-expression.

"While we are a little proud of each other. Of our connection. We are also immensely proud of our Savonlinna roots. We stay in people's minds"

In a Room304 train carriage, you can experience an experience that, in addition to beautifying you, will make you smile wider, feel better, wherever you are in the world.

ROOM304 team

Our professional and lovely staff:


Salon Owner | MASTER-stylist | Cosmetologist, Ikilalo Pro instructor, Permanent pigmentation, Make-up artist | Järvisydän Day Spa


Salon Owner, MASTER-stylist | Hairdresser | Revlon Professional trainer


PRO-stylist | Mascara & Cosmetologist

Anna P

PRO-stylist | Cosmetologist-make-up artist-make-up artist


PRO-stylist | Eyelash & Nail Stylist, Cosmetologist


PRO-stylist | Hairdresser & Nail Stylist


PRO-stylist | Eyelash and Nail Stylist, Cosmetologist


PRO-stylist | Cosmetologist | Järvisydän Day Spa


PRO-stylist | Nail Designer & Cosmetologist


PRO-stylist | Hairdresser


PRO-stylist | Hairdresser


PRO-stylist | Cosmetologist | Järvisydän Day Spa

Anna N

JUNIOR-stylist | Mascara, Make-up artist


JUNIOR-stylist | Cosmetologist, Nail and lash artist


JUNIOR-stylist | Cosmetologist


JUNIOR-stylist | Hairdresser


JUNIOR-stylist | Cosmetologist

Lake Heart Day Spa

The lovely team at the Lake Spa:




Recovery coach




Trained massage therapist


Trained massage therapist


Trained massage therapist




Welcome to relax with our renewed treatments!

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The Room304 price/level system consists of three different skill levels.

Room304 price list/level system

Junior stylist

A junior stylist is a relatively young player in the industry. He doesn't have much experience in the industry, but he has shown great talent in both technical skills and customer service. Junior stylists can always get help from our more experienced stylists.


PRO stylists are highly talented young professionals with a wide range of training and experience and a great passion for their work.

Master stylist

MASTER-Stylist is a highly talented and experienced professional with a strong vision. The Master Stylist will set the quality standards for our service and lead the team to excellence. The Master Stylist has proven his professional excellence during his long career. Master stylists are constantly training at home and abroad, seeking inspiration and developing their professional skills.

Levels of competence for lash technicians

Junior stylist

A junior level lash technician will know the basic techniques (classic & volumizing). If necessary, the Junior level technician will be assisted in the shop by a Pro level technician. The finish on Junior level lashes is neat, the fibres are correctly positioned, the fan is correctly opened (taking into account the different techniques), the foot of the fan stays together and the glue application is smooth. Time management is more advanced compared to the Trainee level. Product knowledge is basic.
We recommend Junior level eyelash extensions when you want high quality and safe eyelash extensions in a cost-effective way.


A Pro-level lash technician has a long experience in eyelash extensions, and a Pro-level lash technician is well versed not only in basic techniques (classic & volumizing) but also in different styles of lashes. With advanced technique, time management and product knowledge, Pro-level lash technicians are also well versed in the technique of installing challenging lashes.
We recommend Pro-level lash extensions when you value fast work and a high level of professionalism, want the most luscious lashes possible, have challenging lashes, have had problems with lash extensions in the past or want to try different lash styles.

5-digit customer service

Our customers love us!

We are proud to announce that ROOM304 has won the prestigious Phorest Client Experience Award 2023! This recognition reflects our commitment to excellent customer service and high quality. Our customers rate us above 4/5, and every day we deliver on our promise to provide a high quality service. Join our customers and experience a state-of-the-art customer experience in ROOM304. Welcome!

About us

We are a full-service beauty salon and hairdressing salon located in the heart of Savonlinna.

We offer a wide range of hair and beauty services: hairdressing, cosmetology, permanent pigmentation and structural nails. Our store is located in the centre of Savonlinna at Olavinkatu 46, 57100 Savonlinna. Our salon is accessible.