We design and implement both classic and graphic fashion haircuts and style changes to suit your individual wishes, preferences and lifestyle. We cut the hair with scissors or a knife, depending on the type of hair.

Blow dry hair

With the Blow Dry Bar, you can easily get a long-lasting blow-dry in the style you want; straight, voluminous and curly. Service includes: hair wash, relaxing scalp massage + treatment, long-lasting blow dry and styling/finishing. And you’re ready for anything.

Dye treatment

-Upbeat shades are our passion…

Hair colouring can be a great way to change your look. We create colourings that suit your features and your personality, just for you. We take into account each client’s wishes, needs and possibilities to achieve a successful staining result.

We listen, tailor and recommend the right dyeing experience for you. If you are unsure which dyeing time to choose, you can call or email. We are happy to advise you.

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When planning your hairstyle, it’s worth thinking about a few basic things in advance

  • Do you want your hair closed or open?
  • Is your style classic, romantic, flashy or something else?

The hairstyle for the party will be planned according to the party/event. The hairstyle can be styled with a variety of embellishments and accessories to match the overall look.

Even if you have a specific idea for your future hairstyle, you should be open to your hairdresser’s suggestions. With a professional, you’ll plan a successful ensemble, because the hairstyle of your dreams is a collaborative effort.

Hair length

The lengths are indicative, the price is also affected by the thickness of the hair and the time spent on the job. If you know that you have extra thick hair, make an appointment with a degree longer hair or contact us for a consultation.
  • Short - Hair above the jawline
  • Medium length - Hair above the shoulders
  • Long - Hair above the shoulder blades
  • Extra long - Hair below the shoulder blades

Wedding bookings

Ask for more information about wedding bookings by sending us an email

Wedding bookings

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