Exuviance treatments for atopic eczema

Treatment by a dermatologist or dermatologist using gentle fruit acids has helped many adults with atopic dermatitis. The treatments relieve dryness and redness. Skin feels more whole and smooth.

Thanks to its patented system, Exuviance fruit acids are mild but effective. Atopic eczema cannot be cured, but the appearance of the skin can be improved with the right skin care products and treatments, so that the problem is less disturbing. If atopic eczema is suspected, you should see a doctor. Your dermatologist or dermatologist will then recommend suitable treatments and home care products. It is also important to avoid anything that has a negative effect on the skin.

Things to remember about Exuviance's treatment of atopic eczema

  • Use the recommended home care products regularly. Care starts in a nursing home and ends at home!
  • Be patient and only use products from one skincare range.
  • Tell your dermatologist if you are taking prescription or other medicines. Care and products must be tailored accordingly.
  • Avoid anything that causes a negative reaction in the skin.