Exuviance rosacea treatments

The Exuviance range includes conditioning products that are also suitable for very sensitive skin, such as rosacea. Thanks to its patented system, Exuviance fruit acids are mild but effective.

Polyhydroxy acids (PHA) are recommended for very sensitive skin because they are non-irritating. They also strengthen the skin’s own protective mechanism and effectively moisturise the skin. Patented polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) are well suited for skin suffering from rosacea. In addition, Exuviance’s PHA acid prevents signs of ageing in the same way as AHA acid.

Rosacea skin care is individually planned according to your needs

Rosacea facial treatments are individually designed according to the needs of the client. As rosacea varies widely, different treatments and products are needed. The treatment must be regular so that the treatments have an effect on the skin. A treatment by an Exuviance dermatotherapist or dermatologist gently exfoliates the skin, stimulating skin regeneration. Otherwise, the treatment avoids stimulating the skin and the products used have a soothing effect. As Exuviance treatments do not use steam or grain peeling, they are well suited to rosacea skin. Regular treatment reduces redness and irritation.

Remember when you come for Exuviance rosacrea treatment

  • Getting rosacea under control requires a lot of effort from both the dermatotherapist and the client. The problem will not disappear overnight. Use the recommended home care products regularly. Care starts in a nursing home and ends at home!
  • Tell your dermatologist if you are taking prescription or other medicines. Some medicines dry out the skin and increase its sensitivity. Care and products must be tailored accordingly.