At Room304, you will be served by our make-up specialists, who have an aesthetic eye, an insight into different make-up looks, knowledge of trends and the skills to create the right make-up style for you.

ROOM304 - make-up tutorial

Very many of us have a make-up bag full of make-up that we don’t even know how to use. Take your make-up with you and our professional make-up artists will go through it and show you how to use it. They’ll do your everyday make-up for you with your own make-up and show you how to easily make it into an evening make-up by just waxing it up. You probably already have everything but, if something is missing, we’ll give you tips on what to buy. Often your foundation, eyebrow pencil or lipstick can be the wrong colour.

Festive antics

Celebrations are a wonderful part of life and getting ready for a party sets the mood and creates a greater experience and wonderful memories! In the evening meal, it is important to listen to the client’s wishes and analyse their personality and style. Two different people’s evening mics can have completely different outcomes. Evening makeup can be very subtle and understated, or alternatively we can create a spectacular party makeup with face-shaping shadows, highlights, luscious lips and spectacular eyes with loose eyelashes and highlighters, or anything in between!

Day make-up

Daytime makeup does not involve the application of loose eyelashes and the colours used are typically lighter and more natural than those used for party makeup. The aim of the Daily Makeup is to plan and guide you through your daily makeup routine and create a makeup routine that suits your lifestyle and that you can also apply yourself on a daily basis. Day make-up is a good option when you want to get tips and guidance on a daily make-up routine that suits you. Day make-up in a beauty salon is also suitable for special occasions if you are a less experienced make-up artist and prefer a natural and light make-up. Many clients also come in for a day make-up, for example before an important business meeting or a photo shoot.

Make-up services for events, wedding parties and groups.

We also tailor make-up services for groups based on unique needs and occasions! Our large spaces allow for groups of several people and our make-up artist or make-up artists can also come to perform the desired make-up services at events, programmes or at the client’s home! Thanks to our multiple make-up artists, we can also provide make-up services for groups, for example as part of a joint evening or company recreation day.

Wedding make-up

We allow two hours for the wedding make-up in our shop and the make-up is done on the day before the wedding. We prefer to have your wedding make-up done in Room304’s own shop, but if you would prefer to have your wedding make-up done in a hotel, at home or at a venue, please contact our shop first.

We recommend you come to the wedding make-up with clean skin after your wedding hairstyle. The plan drawn up for the make-up will guide the wedding make-up. Subtle changes can be made to the final wedding make-up even after the trial make-up, if the client so wishes. Good wedding makeup emphasises the importance of quality makeup products that ensure good staying power from morning to night, through tears and celebrations.

All areas of the face are taken into account in the wedding make-up. The end result is influenced by the client’s wishes, personality and style, so wedding makeup can be subtle and understated, really showy, or anything in between!

It is possible to use your own lip liner and lipstick for the make-up.


The price of a wedding make-up includes a trial make-up. The time for the trial make-up is 60 minutes and the time for the wedding make-up itself is 120 minutes. In a test drive, the client has the opportunity to discuss their wishes with the creator. We recommend that you tell us about your wedding dress and hairstyle, and provide any photos of the dress and make-up you like, so that the make-up artist can take these into account when planning your wedding make-up. In a trial make-up session, the wedding make-up is not done in detail from start to finish, but the wedding make-up and the products used are sketched and designed. The trial make-up also allows the make-up artist to get to know your skin type and specific skin requirements, giving the make-up artist the opportunity to test and choose the products that best suit your skin.

During the trial make-up, the bride-to-be will choose a foundation, powder, highlighter, shadows and blush. In addition, the client’s wishes regarding eye contouring are discussed, and the eyeshadow and any loose lashes to be used for eye make-up are also selected. During the trial make-up, lip make-up is also planned and the products used are selected. Based on the test make-up, the make-up artist will note down the bride’s wishes, the products used for the wedding make-up and any other special considerations. Based on the test make-up, it is easier to execute the wedding make-up on the actual wedding day, when both the make-up artist and the bride have a clear and coherent vision and plan for the final wedding make-up.

We recommend all brides to have a trial make-up before the actual wedding make-up, and both the trial and the wedding make-up should be booked well in advance of the wedding. It’s a good idea to do a trial mock-up a few weeks before the wedding. With a trial make-up, we will make sure that the make-up for your wedding reception meets your expectations and you feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day!