Exuviance dry skin treatments

The professional Exuviance treatment restores the skin’s glow. The skin’s moisture content, regeneration process, elasticity and firmness are improved. You can both feel and see the results.

The Exuviance in-office treatment gently removes the dead skin cells that make your skin look saggy and tight. Dry skin is more sensitive and irritated easily. Dry skin has an uneven surface and reflects less light, making it look pale.

Treatment of facial dryness

  • Professional products give your skin maximum moisture. Exuviance face masks, used in professional skincare treatments, are rich in skin moisturising PHA acid. Regular skincare treatments and the right home care products will restore smoothness and radiance to your skin.

Things to remember about Exuviance dry skin treatment

  • Use the recommended home care products regularly. Care starts in a nursing home and ends at home!
  • Tell your dermatologist if you are taking prescription or other medicines. Some prescription medicines dry out the skin and increase its sensitivity. Care and products must be tailored accordingly.
  • After the first few treatments, the skin may flake a little. It is a normal sign that dead skin cells are peeling off. The dandruff is only temporary.