Permanent pigmentation

Permanent pigmentation is the permanent highlighting of eyebrows, eye and lip lines, a kind of “permanent make-up” designed to make everyday routines easier and faster. Permanent pigmentation is a good option if you find it difficult to wear make-up, have allergies to make-up or for some reason can’t wear make-up because of sports, for example.

Permanent pigmentation is a virtually painless cosmetic tattoo procedure. Which is done with a permanent pigmentation device. The device uses thin needles to gently apply the colour to the surface layers of the skin. The aim is to create beautiful permanent pigmentation for the client, highlighting and enhancing their natural features. The duration of pigmentation is about 2-5 years, depending on the skin. The duration of pigmentation can be maintained by renewing the treatment every few years.

Depending on what you want to pigment, you will need 1-3 hours for permanent pigmentation. The colours, shades and patterns of pigmentation are carefully designed to suit the client’s facial features. The design is carried out on site together with the client, respecting the client’s wishes.

We always strive to make the treatment as painless and comfortable as possible for the client.
The anaesthetics we use are gel-like, non-prescription surface anaesthetics.

After a permanent pigmentation treatment, the final result is always approx. %-50% darker than the intended result, but as the skin heals, the colour will fade to the desired shade. After the operation, a scab will form in the treated area. The scab will come off within the next week. The longer it lasts the better.

Under no circumstances should the rupe be torn or scratched off. After Ruve has often left, it seems that there is no colour left, this is normal. As the skin heals, the colour settles and darkens in the tissue over the next four weeks.

A re-pigmentation, or confirmation visit, is carried out 6-12 weeks after the first treatment. It is essential to allow the pigmentation to heal in peace before fixing. The confirmation ensures that we get permanent pigmentations that are finished, beautiful and long-lasting.

Treatments include everything: consultation, first fitting, reinforcement treatment and home care supplies. Clients coming from a second source always book a consultation and new eyeliners.

New permanent pigmentation

Please arrive on time (about 10min before your scheduled time).

Before you start pigmentations, you will be asked to fill in an introductory information form which we will go through together.
Taking your wishes into account, we carefully plan the design and colour of future pigmentations.

Pigmentation is done with safe hypoallergenic SWISS COLOR pigments. The procedure is usually painless after anaesthesia. My aim is to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

After pigmentation, swelling and redness often occur in the treated areas. The swelling and redness usually eases by the next day.

You will receive written treatment instructions that we will go over together verbally and that you can follow to guarantee yourself beautiful, long-lasting pigmentation that will last for years.

We will see you in another 6-12 weeks for a follow-up treatment, when we will repeat the treatment. The purpose of the waxing is to finish the pigmentation, fill in any lightened areas and, if necessary, change the tone of the colour. Post-pigmentation ensures that we get beautiful and long-lasting permanent pigmentation.

Reinforcement of permanent pigmentation

If you have not had your previous pigmentations done with us, but are coming to have someone else's pigmentations confirmed - you are a new customer for us. In this case, you will need to book an appointment accordingly.

It is also important to understand that there are pigments of different qualities and raw materials on the market. The fact that there is already a colour underneath is inherently more challenging for the artist than if the base is clean or has a branded pigment.

Correction is not the same as confirmation.

Your permanent pigmentation will fade, shrink and thin over the years. The colour tone may also change. Correcting these minor changes may not require the same treatment as your first pigmentations, as there is already some pigment under the skin in the epidermal layer. Often, only one treatment is needed to strengthen regularly maintained pigmentations made by us.

The procedure is carried out in the same way as for new permanent pigmentations.

You will be given an introductory information form to fill in, which we will go through together.

If you have had your pigmentation done in the past, we can check your previous plan in our client register.

Taking your wishes into account, we will carefully plan any model corrections and colour of the pigmentation to be confirmed.

After pigmentation, swelling and redness often occur in the treated areas. The swelling and redness usually goes down by the next day.

We will consult you on home care and you will receive written treatment instructions that, if followed carefully, will guarantee you beautiful, long-lasting pigmentation that will last for many years to come.