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#FrontRowSummit 2024

Experience the excitement of FrontRowSummit 2024

Room304 Petra, Outi and Jasmiina represented Finland and especially Savonlinna at the international FrontRowSummit and IHAwards events. An incredible 2,100 amazing industry professionals from around the world gathered for an event where creativity is lit.
During these two exceptional days, we were treated to enchanting displays of hair art, as well as seeing the stunning details of hair models.

FrontRowSummit is a meeting place for excellence and innovation for hair professionals from around the world.

Attending the Front Row Summit gave us the opportunity to update our skills and stay up to date with the latest developments and trends in the industry. Networking and cooperation are important to us. We want to maintain cooperation and exchange experiences with other salons in order to improve our services and provide better care for our clients. The event focused on innovation and creativity, which are at the heart of our business. We want to develop new ideas, challenge traditional practices, and stay at the top of our game by always offering our customers the best.

Watch the amazing videos in full and read more about the memorable event👇 @revlonprofessional

Monday 29.4.2024 in Lisbon was a truly memorable evening – UNIVERSE!

There were some truly amazing and incredibly talented hairdressers at the 2024 International Hairdressing Awards. Their exceptional creativity, passion and inspiration have raised the standards of the industry to a whole new level!

Petra, Outi and Jasmiina were excited and happy to be part of the event, inspired by the trends in the industry and the great displays. The evening was full of energy, joy and a sense of community.

They were especially happy that Petra was able to meet the wonderful Revlon Professional family again at the event. A shared pride in Revlon Professional brought them together more than 10 years ago. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

Thanks again @ihawards for this unforgettable evening.

What is Front Row Summit 2024?

The Front Row Summit is an event organised by Revlon Professional that brings together hair professionals, providing an opportunity to learn about the latest trends, techniques and innovations in the hair care industry. The event is aimed at experts in the field who can share their knowledge and network with other professionals. The Front Row Summit will also provide inspiration and creativity in hair care. It is an opportunity to learn new things, share knowledge and be part of the development of the sector. Front Row Summit 2024 is not just a salon event; it’s a celebration of creativity, innovation and passion.